The Dulcet Time-Span - The Cheche That Likes To Say Yes.

Arg, argh och arj

En liten kille från min släkt dricker alltid läsk när jag är där. Han sitter vi tv:n i princip hela dagen och så har han en hel flaska framför sig som han dricker från hela dagen. Jag vet inte om det är jag som alltid lyckas pricka in att komma när det är så eller om han får ha det som en vana. Jag tycker i alla fall att det är otroligt oansvarigt av dom vuxna i hans omgivning som tillåter det. Dom borde väl förstå hur otroligt onyttigt det är och att det rent ut sagt faktiskt kan vara ...

For hotels

Well... I have recetly got an interesting job in programming. I am working in a team to develop a hotel reservation system. This will make it easier for the hotel owners to get a better view over their reservations. They will be able to have all their different programs mashed into one. They can easily contact their hotel guest, see their special request and easily make changes in the existing reservation. We still have e few things to do before it is done. A few small changes and we will be finished. Hope this will help hotel owners.

Great holiday

This holiday resort where we are now is really cool! It's a ski resort, there's a swimming pool, bowling lanes, a 3D cinema and large rooms with interactive tv and internet access. Although it's supposed to be a ski holiday, we went wave surfing yesterday! The swimmin pool is huge and they have a ramp where they generate a strong current with a wave and we took a surfing lesson there. That was really cool and it's a lot more difficult than it looks! However after a few attempts we managed to stand on the board and not fall off...